Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Recommendations

“Drew is business savvy. He presents himself in a professional way through his actions, words, and attire. Drew possesses common sense that is no longer common. His drive to learn keeps him up-to-date in numerous interrelated fields. As a result, Drew consistently produces quality work. Furthermore, this trustworthy, loyal, service-oriented individual positively welcomes feedback. Drew’s humble yet confident persona makes him the employee every entity longs to find!”
- Megan Turner
President and Director of Operations
Prampram Worldwide Education

“Drew is motivated in pursuing his goals. He is knowledgeable in financial and political matters among other things. I see a bright future for him. I have worked with him since 2009; if he doesn’t know something, which are few he has a strong desire to understand it. He is a team player when I am busy Drew is one of the first individuals that I would ask to assist me. He is effective and efficient through out the day. Future employers will see the intangible qualities that I quickly learned to value from Drew.”
- Hong Chan, CEP
E*TRADE Financial

“In the time that I have known Drew, he has been one of the most trustworthy outgoing individuals that i have worked with. Working on the same team with Drew is a pleasure. He is a go to guy who always stood out above the rest of the group. He is a very ambitious individual, who is always striving to do his best. He strives to be number one at his job while also being a team player. He is very supportive of his colleagues and never fails to lend a helping hand.”
-Dallin Starr
E*TRADE Financial

“My initial connection with Drew was purely superficial. We both enjoy traveling and get a kick out of global business. The longer I knew him, the better I appreciated the quality of his character. He cares passionately about any project he undertakes and brings a strong sense of fairness and ethics to the table. He has the rare ability to treat people - whether management or blue collar workers - equally and with proper respect. I still like his adventurous spirit, but I appreciate the overall value of the 'person'.”
-Denise Heap
Manager, Report Production Services
GCom2 Solutions